Picky Eater Workshop

Do you have a picky eater?  Have meal times become a source of stress & frustration? Are you tired of begging, bargaining or threatening to get your children to eat?

Join Registered Dietitian Robin Glance for this workshop to help manage picky eating and restore peace at the dinner table.

Topics will include:

  • How much should my child be eating?
  • What about vitamins/ minerals/ supplements?
  • Why is my child refusing to eat?
  • Steps for a successful meal
  • Activities to encourage food acceptance
  • When to get professional help
  • Kid-friendly recipes

Cost: $35 

Register for Feeding Your Picky Eater June 15, 2017

Finding Balance: Nutrition for the Body & Soul 

Wednesdays Apr 26th - Jun 14th, 2017

Finding Balance...Nutrition for the Body & Soul.  Healthy eating should never involve restriction or deprivation. This is why diets do not work! True health means finding the right balance between giving your body the right amount of nutrients it needs and loving what we eat.

''Finding Balance'' is designed for anyone looking to lose weight, better their eating habits, improve their relationship with food, or who simply wants to have a better understanding of how food and nutrition affects them. This 8-week course will empower you with accurate, up-to-date nutritional advice, and will provide you with the support and motivation needed to make healthy eating and living a permanent part of your life.

More information and to sign-up: http://www.energieencorps.com/view-class/?id=59&sdt=2017-04-26%2000:00&edt=2017-06-14%2000:00&hrimg=59&t=enrollment