I am a McGill graduate in dietetics and human nutrition and have been practicing clinical nutrition for over seven years at the Montreal General Hospital.  I've appeared on CJAD, CBC News and CBC Living Montreal as a nutritional specialist.

Since becoming a mom, I have become even more passionate about the importance of healthy eating throughout the life cycle. Healthy eating & living should be used as prevention against chronic disease, not simply as a treatment. This is my main focus in starting private practice: to help people lead a more healthy life before they need my services in a hospital setting.

I am a fitness enthusiast and spend much of my free time at the gym, running, or simply chasing after my two boys. I love food - there's a reason I built a career on it! I enjoy cooking and exploring the culinary delights Montreal has to offer. I genuinely believe that the knowledge of how to balance a diet can let you enjoy all foods now and then.

In my practice, I take a client-centred approach to counselling, involving you in every decision and step on the path towards change.  

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